Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Our WebKit instrumentation and PLDI dataset has been released!

In preparation for the PLDI camera-ready deadline later this week, Gregor and I have finally gotten around to packaging and uploading the files we used in our experiments.

The first set of files is the raw sources of the instrumented WebKit branch, the trace analyzer and static analyzer, as well as the database generation and graphing infrastructure.

The second and third downloads are the traces that we used as our raw data set in the PLDI paper, as well as the resulting database when these traces are analyzed and inserted into a sqlite3 database. These files are fairly large, but we feel that it is important to allow your experiments to be recreated by 3rd parties. One frustration of working in the programming languages research field is that all too often, if a technique or analysis is tested by an implementation, the corresponding sources and datasets used are not made publicly available. This makes it impossible to verify results, look for possible improvements, or find inaccuracies in papers. We want to do our part to combat this trend by providing everything that we used in the development of our work's conclusions.

The files are hosted at Gregor's Purdue website: http://www.cs.purdue.edu/homes/gkrichar/js/

For those keenly interested in building and running the project themselves, there is a somewhat useful README in the top-level directory of the source tarball. Happy hacking!

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