Saturday, February 13, 2010

Project website, and MobileMe testing

Today I decided to try out MobileMe, Apple's in-the-cloud syncing and webspace hosting service. I get two months for free, and will probably subscribe at the end of that time. This is mostly out of convenience: perhaps days after my graduation from Purdue, my CS account (and my email accounts at Purdue) will be zapped. I figure it is better to start transferring now to a university-neutral host for my website and non-school-related emails.

As part of this, I moved my iWeb-backed research webpage over to Over the next month i'll slowly start moving files off of the CS account's public folder to my public iDisk (aka cloud-based storage).

I've also finally gotten around to making a website for my CS 565 project, now located at I will be keeping all news related to that project on a mini-blog specific to the project. I don't anticipate making more than a dozen entries over the semester, so it is not worth the work to set up a new Blogger blog, or to write such blog posts on this blog and try to link them each individually.

Finally, you can access this blog via the shortcut I plan to use this brrian alias more often, since I do not know what my username will be at my graduate school.

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