Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Graduate School Accepts and Visits

UPDATE: Accepted by Maryland today. Haven't decided whether to go on the visit (weekend after spring break ends)

In the past few weeks, I have heard back from all but two graduate schools: I'm accepted at University of Washington, University of Texas-Austin, University of Colorado-Boulder, and UCLA. I have yet to hear back from University of Maryland and Cambridge (to which I applied for the 1 year master's program in conjunction with the Churchill and/or other fellowships).

This is a huge relief; no longer do I need to worry about what my choices are, just which to choose. To that end, I will be visiting the first three schools mentioned above in the next month.

UT-Austin: February 26-28
Boulder: March 4-7
UW: March 13-21*

*Okay, that last date may look a bit strange. In truth, I will be spending all of spring break in Seattle with Steph, and the visit days happen to fall over Purdue's spring break. We'll be taking out the Amtrak to Seattle, so we'll actually only be in town from Monday-Saturday.

Unfortunately, UCLA's visit day falls on the same time at Boulder's, and Boulder has a 3 day visit (vs. 1 day at UCLA). I still haven't heard back from Maryland for whatever reason (still snowed in?) so I can't really commit either way to visiting their school. And Cambridge.. I don't think they even have a visit day.

During/after each trip, I will write up a trip summary and present some information about the graduate schools I visit. Bon voyage!

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