Sunday, December 13, 2009

Application Extravaganza

Just a short update.

I was not picked as one of this year's CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award winners, runners-up, or anything honorable to mention. Apparently less experience is better? I admittedly had a weak application, but that was largely not my fault.

As duly noted in my previous post, I planned to apply to five graduate schools. In fact, I applied to five graduate schools (though I substituted UCLA for Purdue), and almost all parts of my application are submitted and out of sight. Most of the hard work of applying was done mid-November, with GRE scores and transcripts handled right after Thanksgiving break. All that's left now is to finish the NDSEG (due first week of January), and shoo the remaining letter-writers towards the letter-collecting website before Wednesday.

I remain fairly confident about my chances of admittance to these graduate schools. For the Cambridge-related things, I have no clue as to the strength of my applications and nominations, but should hear back some sort of news within a months' time.

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