Monday, October 19, 2009

Cross-compiling backwards

Lately I've been working on some Safari/webkit hacking, which means that I've become somewhat familiar with Xcode, C++, and vaguely familiar with the Webkit codebase.

As part of our research (to be detailed later) we forked a random nightly of Safari 3.2-era WebKit, and made some various modifications. A few months ago Snow Leopard came out, which is OS X 10.6 for those of you not keeping track. This new OS version only uses Safari 4.0; this led to several difficulties in trying to compile and run Safari 3.2 against OS X 10.6 SDK.

Eventually, I found out that you can retarget development against specific OS SDK's. Thus the solution to the problem was in effect to cross-compile downwards to 10.5 on my 10.6 machine. After most of yesterday spent recompiling WebKit with various combinations of flags, I can finally run our research project on my personal machine.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Music

Lately i've been getting into some fairly underground electronic music. Here's some pointers:
  • has some really nice radio stations, especially Groove Salad (chill, downtempo) and Beat Blender (downtempo, minimal, ambient)
  • Dublab also has a good radio station, but tends to have a lot more variety in programming
  • Pipedown. is a nice music blog that seems to cover downtempo, bass, and dubstep. Sort of like Mary Ann Hobbs. They also have pointers to other blogs, lots of shorter mixes, podcasts, etc. if you want to explore new artists and sounds.
I'll blog about specific new artists sometimes, since I know lots of people are too lazy to go find artists themselves (or for some reason think I have any shred of authority over what is cool).