Tuesday, September 15, 2009

De facto blogging hiatus

Since I've landed in America and started the old flow of things, I'm been extremely busy. In fact, I've scarcely had time to read the New York Times, Metafilter, or any other pleasure reading in the past few weeks. If not for my deathly boring Abstract Algebra class, I doubt even my diary would keep (mostly) updated.

This month, I'm taking a light credit load (Operating Systems, Astronomy, Abstract Algebra, and an Honors Project). Despite this, I'm at least as crunched for time as the infamous semester from hell when I had 20 credit hours and a job. Part of this is the honors project: it is a lot of work, but in the end I will be proud to be one of the few to submit a report describing a non-trivial development. More important to the formula is my jumble of applications that are being assembled and spat out like foam out of a nerf gun.

This month, I'm preparing my applications for CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Award, Winston Churchill Fellowship, Gates Cambridge Fellowship, and an application to study at Cambridge for an MPhil (like a Master's). Next month, I will be working on the NSF fellowship and going to OOPSLA conference in Orlando, and in November it will be crunch time not only for 5+ graduate school applications, but also paper writing. At least i've gotten the GRE out of the way (that was last week).

For all these reasons I seldom have time to write interesting posts here. I'm not entirely certain this will change, at least until the end of application season (next semester). For now, you can follow my Twitter microblog.