Saturday, February 21, 2009


(Big list of people who gave money to the temple. This is near Harajuku park in Tokyo)

In the last few days I read the book Eragon. Much like Harry Potter and Dan Brown, it is a fantasy book which draws mainly young adults and mothers into its pages and thoroughly pisses off authors and people who take books way too seriously. While it is no Tolkien, it was fun to have some guilty-pleasure reading where I could forget about the current surroundings.

Too bad there is no english language library here, or i'd probably be reading The Count of Monte Cristo right now. Although I haven't read it in years, it remains one of my favorite adventure/hero books (right beside Lord of the Rings). I wish I would have dedicated more time to reading in the States, because although I have much time to read in Japan there are few English books to be had.

Reading Japanese books is still yet frustrating to me; I can slowly grok through the pages with a dictionary close by, but it is hard to become immersed in the plot and action when you need to extricate yourself once a paragraph to look up some frivolous adjective or colloquial pattern. I always say that I do not like manga- part of the reason is that I cannot get through the pages quick enough to build any plot momentum, and then get bored.

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  1. If you like fantasy (though if you do like fantasy, you may have already read these), I'd also recommend the Obsidian trilogy by Mercedes Lackey and the Belgariad series by David Eddings. Also, I enjoy the DragonLance books, especially the first several trilogies. Of course, I guess that doesn't help you much if you can't find the books in English at the moment. :-)