Thursday, December 4, 2008

The sheer joy of living in Japan (part 1)

11時51分19秒) Brian Burg: has anyone ever told you how fucking aggravating it is to pay bills in japan
(11時52分14秒) Emily Minnette: no, but like everything else in japan i would imagine it's unneccessarily complicated
(11時54分30秒) Brian Burg: for example..
(11時54分44秒) Brian Burg: i turned in an automatic withdrawl for paying the cell phone bill
(11時54分58秒) Brian Burg: and i initialed in the inkan circle instead of full sign
(11時55分12秒) Brian Burg: so i got a letter in the mail saying it was rejected because the sign was different
(11時55分44秒) Brian Burg: even though i EXPLICITLY signed a bank waiver saying that i accept any consequences of fraud of my signature
(11時55分51秒) Brian Burg: aka, they have no basis to judge whether its right or wrong
(11時56分51秒) Emily Minnette: wow, that sounds really dumb and tedious
(11時58分47秒) Brian Burg: then u have to mail the hagaki back to softbank in japan
(11時58分54秒) Brian Burg: they mail it back to the bank in sendai to get it approved
(11時59分02秒) Brian Burg: then maybe a month later i'll find out if it worked it not
(11時59分15秒) Brian Burg: i just got this back and i submitted it on 10-6

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