Thursday, December 11, 2008

The ropes of paper reading

I'm getting a good feel for how the first few years of graduate school will be like: carrying around 5-10 papers at any given time, having a bag full of highlighters, pencils, and pens, and computing dependency graphs for paper references. Well, maybe not so much on the last one, but especially at the beginning, it feels like I'm always performing a depth first search on CiteSeer and other sites.

Recently i've gotten really interested in gradual typing and (dynamic) contract checking as potential research topics. It seems that Suenaga-san's research on statically preventing deadlocks and other things with types (the APLAS talk he's giving this week) will not be further researched. This puts me in the position where I need to be bored out of my mind (the option where I join someone else's project in the lab here), waste a few months (the option where I wait for US exams and holidays to blow over before the Purdue project to get back to speed), or make up something on my own (the option where I get lost in papers, and have no support from anyone else).

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