Saturday, November 8, 2008

Scholarly Update

I've spent the last week or two putting together my application for the Goldwater scholarship, and as of Friday 1PM EST, it was submitted through CS Advising office. This time around, I was a bit more stressed to finish the essay in time, but I actually had some good ideas.

The essay part of the Goldwater application is 2 pages, 11pt font or larger, with the purpose of you telling the reviewers something that you would like to research. Typically in this spot, you are supposed to implicitly talk about the research you've already done, the people you've collaborated with, and a new project you want to undertake. I simply wrote about Gradual Typing for Thorn, added a handful of references, and had a well-researched essay done! The best part is that this "research proposal in an essay" can also serve as a blueprint for my research projects this semester (and perhaps beyond?).

Some people may wonder if the irony is lost on me, for a queer liberal to be applying for the Goldwater scholarship, the namesake of which is after Senator Barry Goldwater, "Mr Conservative" and the hero of the modern conservative movement. Why would I have the audacity to list "Queer Student Union" in my leadership and community section?

Well, last year I was afraid of this too. Then I discovered this old-school gem. No more worries, because Goldwater predates the religious right, and is more of a libertarian. He went so far as to be a gay rights activist in 1994 (he left public life in 1996 after a massive stroke). I guess I can fit into this scholarship foundation's ideals after all :)

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