Saturday, November 29, 2008

Musical homelands and journeys

It occurred to me today that everyone has a musical homeland. Whenever you want to be comforted by the known, familiar songs, you can always refer back to these tunes. As they flow out of the headphone, you catch yourself banging the drum lines on the desk, bobbing your head in the fashion of a rocker, and feel at home.

Musical journeys are when you venture out from this comfortable, known and defined canon of songs. Perhaps you are venturing to the dark, incognito sounds of a grime/dubstep rave in the seedy corners of south London, without any bearings around you and a steady sharp hiss of the pirate radio. Time travel, alternate lifestyles, or sublime moods can define other musical voyages.

For me, the homeland has always been bands such as Radiohead, and other formative music from the long and cold years of high school senior year. Lately, my voyages have taken me all over the world, from hip-hop, dubs, breaks, jazz, soul, funk, and many uncategorizable but beautiful musical modes. Along with my geographic journeys in Japan, I hope to detail on my blog some of the musical journeys I've made.

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