Thursday, September 25, 2008

First-ever visit to Madison, WI

After a looooooong weekend visiting folks and giving my goodbyes at Purdue, I muscled my way up the nasty I-65 > 80/94 > 294 > 290 > 90 highway tollbooth hell to the lovely place I'm told is the capital of Wisconsin.

I'm here with Steph, and didn't realize just how much I missed her! This is my second day here and just now starting to see some of the campus. I'm extremely jealous; unlike the uniform brick-a-brack ugliness of Purdue's campus, UW-Madison is overflowing with energy, bikes, mopeds, and pretty buildings.

Today is Steph's birthday incidentally, so I got her a few presents and paid for lunch today. The main birthday present was the knife set I bought in Seattle; she previously had a motley collection of dangerously dull knives. Although I could have used the knives myself, i'd rather not ship a 10lb set of knives to Japan, rising-sun-of-nice-cutlery.

Tonight is the birthday dinner... maybe we'll go to the piano bar (match that, Purdue!).

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