Thursday, September 25, 2008

First-ever visit to Madison, WI

After a looooooong weekend visiting folks and giving my goodbyes at Purdue, I muscled my way up the nasty I-65 > 80/94 > 294 > 290 > 90 highway tollbooth hell to the lovely place I'm told is the capital of Wisconsin.

I'm here with Steph, and didn't realize just how much I missed her! This is my second day here and just now starting to see some of the campus. I'm extremely jealous; unlike the uniform brick-a-brack ugliness of Purdue's campus, UW-Madison is overflowing with energy, bikes, mopeds, and pretty buildings.

Today is Steph's birthday incidentally, so I got her a few presents and paid for lunch today. The main birthday present was the knife set I bought in Seattle; she previously had a motley collection of dangerously dull knives. Although I could have used the knives myself, i'd rather not ship a 10lb set of knives to Japan, rising-sun-of-nice-cutlery.

Tonight is the birthday dinner... maybe we'll go to the piano bar (match that, Purdue!).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Admissions also snoop on Facebook, apparently,0,2460681.story

According to the above article, 10% of "prestigious university" admissions officials look on social networking sites to get information about a student. While i've heard that some employers do this, I think admissions officials doing likewise is a bit silly.

For some, getting into college is a by-any-means competition, so in order to avoid a disadvantage they delete their Facebook or Myspace profiles, or whitewash them. In recent times, Facebook has wisened up to this extra screening and added sufficient privacy controls so that content can be restricted to a certain subset of people you authorize.

So essentially it is more a screening of who has a better understanding of privacy settings, and by extension, who has more technological savvy. Perhaps there are better ways for colleges to judge such proficiency, like ... AP test scores! Personally i'd use external achievements (open source contributions, competitions, pro bono help) as a better indicator of initiative and technological whizbang.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Packing up and rolling out

Wohoo! I'm finally done with my internship, which means that more blog posts are now possible.

The last two days of work were a bit of a misnomer. By that I mean that no work was done at all... Much of Thursday was spent on Salon, NYT, and HuffPost, while Friday was consumed with exit interviews, lunch at Pike Place Brewery (which is a horrible place to eat if you are paying), and acquiring undeserved schwag from the College Recruiters.

Today I'm wandering my favorite spots, and just wasting time. Later I will be giving up my food to Jon Micklos, bless his heart and car.

There has been a lot of random stuff this summer, so as I feel like it maybe i'll write a memoir post once in a while.