Thursday, August 7, 2008

Kanji and Life Update, Steven's Birthday Edition

It's been a crazy summer!

Today is Steven's birthday, and I feel slightly guilty for not getting him anything yet. I may be trading/selling in my current laptop as a birthday present, but not sure of the financials until my parents get back from their fabulous anniversary vacation. In any case, I'm looking forward to snatching up a late-model macbook pro once the new models are released and retailers try to dump old models.

Life in Seattle is well, and too complicated to explain simply in a single blog entry. I've been hammering away on kanji study, despite some very worthy distractions. Currently i'm adding roughly 30-40 kanji a day, which leaves me with a daily load of about 120 review + 30-40 new. It takes a few hours every night which is a drag, but it's worth it. I already play the nerd gig while in Chinatown, and crudely translating the Chinese (Wow, its the beauty-taste-store! Look, Oasis sells fruit-soup-type drink)!