Sunday, March 23, 2008

Stuff White People Like

In the past few years, the speed at which a meme can be generated, popularized and overused has gotten only faster. Take Stuff White People Like: a blog about "white people", in the context of the white people you might find in Hyde Park, San Francisco, or more well-to-do parts of midsize cities. What of the white people you might find at say, my hometown (western Michigan), or those mostly white people in fraternities and sororities on campus? According to the blog, those are the "wrong kind" of white people.

Overall, I enjoy this blog for the deadpan humor, but for the most part (based on my limited exposure) this is a good portrait of white yuppie-dom. Even I fall to many of the categorizations on the site (Like coffee? check. Hate corporations? check. Like having black friends? check. Barack Obama? check. Don't have a TV? check). Okay, this parenthesized checklist isn't working, so let's go full-form:
Yea.. maybe I should move to a more suitable place. Purdue is great for getting drunk, and examining the intricate structure of brick.

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